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The idea behind:

Rowing in historic rowing shells in a 1920's club atmosphere in Berlin

The tradition of rowing in Berlin dates back to the late 1870s. After first clubs were founded and with the first boats being built under English boatbuilders' advice in Berlin rowing developed fast during the 1890s. Until world war one clubs spread like mushrooms in Berlin. Tour rowing developed fast and the surrounding waterways of Berlin were explored. In the 1920s Tour Rowing was a very popular weekend activity. It is reported that tour rowers made day trips of up to 100km and on rivers with current even more. It was common to row longer tours with a tent on board same as staying in on of the numerous boathouses over the weekend with the family. Berlin Classic Rowing offers to experience traditional tour rowing following the old trips in historic boats.

The people behind Berlin Classic Rowing:

Bringing a boat collection to a new life!

From the beginnings a small community was set practising classical tour rowing in its best sense in historic boats. With refounding the old Berlin Club "Berliner Rudergesellschaft Elektra" we now have the platform to further develop classical tour rowing. We welcome all rowers interested in vintage boats and shells to join our tours and work with us.

The beginning: During cold winter 1990 Thilo Scholz got the opportunity to purchase the wreck of an old coxed double four touring boat. The boat suffered outside storage for several years already, roofed only by another already fully rotten four. The outriggers were digged out of a hill in the backyard of the boatshed. Together with the mater carpenter Joachim Reich the boat was fully restored within a period of 16 month of intensive work. Since then it has seen thousands of kilometres on rivers and lakes in all parts of Germany. This four was followed by other historic boats built from the 1880s to the 1930s. Today we have a unique collection of far more than 50 historic sports rowing boats.

Berliner Rudergesellschaft Elektra e.V.

Last update June 9th, 2008


June 2008


Tour Rowing: Landwehrkanal, Spree

Our most recent acquisition, the coxed double four "Rautgundis"
will be transferred on the inner Berlin waterways to our boat hall in Grünau
Boat: 4x+ Halbausleger. Built by Lürssen ca. 1920. Trip: Ca. 38 km 1 lock.

Anmeldung Download der Fahrtbeschreibung

June 2008


Tour Rowing: Danmark

As guests of Faxe Roklub we will have a coastal rowing
tour from Nysted to Faxe.
Boats: 4+ and 2+ Inrigger. Danish Boatbuilders. Trip: Ca. 150 km no lock.

Ausgebucht Download der Fahrtbeschreibung


Thilo Scholz Autumn 2008 Skull1 Boatbuilding Skilled Download

Workshops repairs of woodden oars and blades

For Boatsmasters and Boatbuilders

The adequate repair of woodden oars will be shown.
The necessary tools and their use will be explained.
During the training sessions blades and handles will be repaired or exchanged.

Thilo Scholz Ab Herbst 2008 Lack 1 Bootsbau Erfahrene Download

Lack - Workshop

Für erfahrene Bootsbauer (Gesellen, Meisterausbildung)

The professional use of various types of boat varnishes and oils.
The use of blades, abrasive materials and varnish removers to prepare for varnishing will be discussed, presented and demonstrated.
Varnishing with old style one component varnishes as well as with modern artificial resin based yacht paints will be practised.

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